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          ?table width="100%" cellsp?ding="0" cellpadding="0" border="0"> McAlpin Industries ServicesEngineering, Prototype and DesignPrecision Sheet
          Metal Fabrication
          Contract Assembly
          & Fulfillment Services
          Value Added ServicesMcAlpin Industries PortfolioSteel Br?dket Assembly for the Automotive IndustryFabrication & Assembly of Adjustable Table for the Office Equipment IndustryMechanical Assembly for the Telecommunications Industry
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          ?table?dlass="x2_table_guide" cellsp?ding="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" width="100%"> ?tr> Prototyxe Engineering, Design & Fabrication
          Engineering, Prototype and Design ?td class="x2_td_guide">  ?td class="bucket_link_mcalpin x2_td_guide" width="171">Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
          Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
          ?td class="x2_td_guide">  ?td class="bucket_link_mcalpin x2_td_guide" width="171">Contract Assembly &a?n; Fulfillment Services
          Contract Assembly and Fulfillment Services
          ?td class="x2_td_guide">  ?td class="bucket_link_mcalpin x2_td_guide" width="171">Precision Sta?ning Services
          Precision Sta?ning Services
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          McAlpin Industries provides Total MetalWorking Solutions

          From humble beginnings over 50 years ago, McAlpin Industries has grown to become recognized as a world-class provider of sheet metal products, assemblies and services.  We are a family owned business with members ?dtively involved in the daily man?hement of the?dompany, delivering?dustomers a level of xersonalized attention u?dommon in the industry.

          McAlpin Industries offers leading-edge engineering excelle?de. ?P}r engineering expertise has resulted in Design for Manufact}ring (DFM) cost reductions for 100% of our customers - the ex?dt xercentage that rewards us repeat business.  Our unique product man?hement, tracking and process controls ens}re on-time delivery at the highest level of quality possible.

          At McAlpin Industries,?dustomers appreciate our wider range of?dapabilities.  We provide services in-house that many of o}r?domxetitors source out to external vendors.  We take the smarter appro?dh, invest in technology, infrastruct}re and associate training that provide the rapid response, flex?dility and quality our customers demand.

          Building integrity and trust into every product we make is the McAlpin Difference.  What makes us different makes our customers better.